Who's Who

reediving Club Greece has brought together world class Freediving Athletes and Watermen from around the globe each offering their expertise in specially adapted courses and training events.

- Stavros Kastrinakis

Stavros has pretty much lived in the sea his entire life – learning to swim as soon as he could walk and learning to spearfish before he was 6 yrs old he developed a close bond to the sea and breath hold diving.

A member of the Greek National Freediving team since 2005 he has participated in practically all the AIDA World Championships ever since as an athlete, safety diver, team coach or organizer.

Stavros is one of the deepest freedivers in the World and the current World Record Holder in the AIDA Variable Ballast discipline with a dive to 146m. Having set more than 10 National Depth Records, including No-Limits dives to 162m depth, Stavros also holds the World Record in Tandem No-Limits diving with Andrea Zuccari with a dive to 126m :)

A full time AIDA Instructor Trainer since 2007 he is currently one of the top AIDA Instructor Trainers in the World having organized and taught hundreds of freediving courses and seminars.

Founder of Freediving Club Greece and organizer of the 2011 & 2013 as well as the coming 2016 AIDA World Championships, he still looks for every opportunity to take a deep plunge in some of the coolest spots around the globe and help guide you on your own cool freediving adventure… AIDA Instructor Trainer, AIDA International Judge, Lifeguard Instructor, CMAS Instructor, DAN EFR / O2 Certified.